Pokemon Crystal Rom Download for GBA Emulator

Nowadays, Pokemon Crystal ROM is getting tremendous limelight as one of the most efficient ROMs. This ROM helps to witness the seamless experience of Pokemon’s Crystal Edition to the Pokemon-lovers. If you were thinking of enjoying the Pokemon Crystal Version, today we are helping you with its complete guide.

Pokemon Crystal Rom for GBA

Pokemon Crystal
Name: Pokemon Crystal
Version: 1.1
Language: English
Size: 7.51 MB
Last Update: Jan 21, 2022

Pokemon Crysta Rom Download

You can click the ‘Download’ button below which will take you to the Pokemon Crystal ROM downloading website.

Download Steps:

  • Visit here to download the Pokemon-Crystal Version. 
  • After downloading, browse and unzip the file on your device.


Pokemon Crystal Image

How to Play Pokemon Crystal Version? 

To enjoy Pokemon Crystal, you can choose any emulator of your choice. But we suggest the Eclipse emulator since it provides a seamless gaming experience. Also, Eclipse is a web emulator, requiring no download process, without consuming additional device storage. 

Step 1: Head towards the Eclipse Emulator website.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Play’ button.

image 9

Step 3: From the ‘Library’ section, push the Resume icon from the screen’s top-right area. 

Step 4: Browse the game file and launch it. 

image 10

Step 5: Once loaded, you can enjoy playing the Pokemon Crystal Version. 

Pokemon Crystal ROM Specialities:

  • The Crystal version allows players to play as a female character.
  • The Pokemon Crystal version has appealing sprite animations and vibrant graphics.
  • The game has many location alternations and character inclusions. 

Additional In-Game Settings: 

image 11

Option: You can customize the Battle Scene, Text Speed, Battle Style, Sound, and Print from this menu. Also, Frame and Menu Account details are available here.

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