Top 10 Best Pokemon Emulators for iPhone

Pokemon has a wide fan base that often puts it in the trending spot. The franchise has been getting attention for years, and many players want to enjoy the classic Pokemon games. To enjoy the vintage Pokemon games and other features, you will need a suitable emulator. So, we have presented the top 10 Pokemon emulators for iPhone users that you can try for a seamless gaming journey.


delta emulator
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, and PC
  • Download: Visit Here!

The first emulator topping our list is Delta, allowing players to enjoy classic Pokemon games easily. The emulator can run games from different platforms, including Nintendo and GBA. 

iCloud sync, state-saving, and cheat codes are some attractive features of this emulator. Thus, Delta is your one-stop and efficient platform for non-jailbroken iPhone players. 


Eclipse Emulator
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, and PC
  • Download: Visit Here!

Another incredible emulator that you should refer to for the Pokemon games is Eclipse. The web-based emulator lets you enjoy any Pokemon classic games and manage your library. Importantly, this emulator supports all input methods, ensuring you a great gaming experience overall. 


GBA4iOS 2.1

GBA4IOS is a user-friendly iOS Pokemon emulator powered with tons of incredible features. Starting from the auto, state, and landscape support features, this emulator will be your perfect choice for classic Pokemon games. Importantly, this great emulator requires no jailbreak, providing a fantastic experience. 


  • Platforms: iOs, Andriod, PlayStation, Xbox, Linux, Windows
  • Download: Visit Here!

RetroArch is one of the most reliable iOS emulators that you must take to enjoy loads of classic Pokemon games. This emulator turns out to be extremely versatile for different platforms. Considering it will be a great choice for experiencing old-school Pokemon and other games. 

Game Play Color

Game Play Color is an overall great iOS emulator, requiring no jailbreak or downloading. This emulator allows users to store their ROM and cover art in their Google Drive with a simple dragging-dropping option. Game Play lets you enjoy the games irrespective of your location even offline. 

Happy Chick

  • Platforms: Android, iOS, TV BOX, Windows
  • Download: Visit Here!

Happy Chick has its tagline addressing to enjoy classic games anywhere. This integrated emulator has rich game resources serving great features to relive the nostalgic Pokemon games. Thus, if you desire to take a break from the Delta emulator, choosing Happy Chick would be an appropriate choice. 


DolphiniOS can be a worthy choice for an iOS emulator, providing even Wii and GameCube games to enjoy. Importantly,  this advanced emulator will work seamlessly with 14.0 without any jailbreak. So, if you have an advanced iPhone, you should check out this fantastic emulator.

DS Player

  • Platforms: iOS and other devices
  • Download: Visit Here!

DS Player is another web-based efficient emulator, that provides a seamless experience to enjoy GBA and NBA games. Players can store their progress when in the game, but the iOS players must include the site in the Home Screen first to store the data. 


  • Platforms: iOS, Linux, and other devices
  • Download: Visit Here!

Sharing an identical interface to DS Player, 44VBA is a user-friendly web emulator. You can simply start playing your favorite Pokemon game by selecting the file from the ‘Choose File’ box from the default screen. 

iNDS Emulator

Originally known as NDS4iOS, this emulator is our last suggestion that you can consider, requiring no jailbreak feature. This emulator is compatible with iOS 5.1.1 and above versions, providing overall a fantastic Nintendo, including Pokemon gaming experience.

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